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If you look around at the world today or spend any time on social media, you’ll see a lot of things to be angry about. If you don’t see anything that makes you angry yourself, you’ll still be hard-pressed not to lay eyes on more than a few angry people. There’s an unending litany of horrible events being presented to us to garner our rage because it keeps us interested — it focuses our attention while simultaneously distorting it, like looking through the rounded bottom of a semi-opaque plastic cup; anger presents tunnel vision as a symptom and that keeps…

I like to spend a lot of time imagining myself as a golden retriever. My long, pink, goofy tongue lolling out the side of my face as I stick my head out the car window — struggling to breathe and loving it. The same tongue flopping around as I chase my grinning child-master around a field of flowers, each bulb alive with a unique, deep, thrilling scent that my actual fragile human brain would break to experience. …

Eythan Slootweg

writing sometimes.

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